Chinese characters are the most popular tattoo design. If you're looking for Chinese tattoo ideas then you've come to the right place. Try custom tattoo meanings by Chinese experts like us. We can custom design the Chinese tattoo for you with the best meanings. Chinese/Kanji Tattoo Design Chinese Characters are among the most requested tattoo designs around. Chinese characters are not just looking good, every character has their meanings and some could go pretty complex. However, it is never a good idea to walk into a tattoo shop and select looking-good Chinese characters from the book, and late find out thousands of folks got the same tattoo as you do. Or every in worse case, you get some words with weird meaning. Avoid weird, wrong and funny tattoo meanings!!! Try us!!     Or © 2006-2010 All Rights Reserved.   Custom Design Do not have a special name, word in your mind, but having an tattoo idea in mind? Tell us your idea by simply filling the form and we will turn it into Chinese Symbol designs. Chinese Poetry Want to get a Chinese poetry tattoo design? It is a great idea to get the 3000 years old art as your tattoo. We will help you find the best one to fit you. Translation Translate whatever in your mind (name, location, one noun, one verb, etc.) into Chinese Symbol tattoo design. FAQ
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